About Us

After decades of creating network television and documentaries our Emmy-winning team has decided to bring the full documentary treatment to youth football in Texas.

As filmmakers, we love what we do. So, it’s only natural for us to focus on people who love what they do.  Essentially, we hang our hat on telling stories about people’s passions.  We also love football and everything that comes with it.  This is why we have made the decision to profile what we believe to be the purest form of football passion in Texas… the youth level.  At these ages, there are far fewer distractions from the game itself.  No one is getting rich or famous, and an NFL contract is not hanging in the balance.  It’s about the game, the players and the people who support them.

We are following youth teams across the state in what promises to be a hard-hitting, season-long battle to the 2009 Championship Game. At home fields and away games, our crew is hitting the road search of compelling personal and team stories. We believe the final product will be a defining piece of work in our state and country, one that truly pays homage to Texans and their love of football.